Amp and Articulate your Performance

Focus: Rehabilitation

This is a longer class that you can do on your off days to help strengthen and lengthen the body.  Some days you want to relax and go slow and other days you want something to help you feel invigorated.  This class is designed for the latter with yoga postures designed to help you take your performance and strength to new heights.  We are going to strengthen the body through yoga poses.  There is a misconception that yoga is always about stretching, we need to incorporate strength and activation coupled with a posture to be able to unlock the body’s true potential.  We will explore postures that work on the groin, adductors, core, and outer hips.  Use your natural athletic ability but don’t over effort, tap into the strength of your body without taking it too far.  At the end, with a little challenge, you can rest in Savasana (Corpse Pose) and feel ready for success.

Level 3 , 30 Minute