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Yoga for Athletes

Advance body and mind on-season, off-season and throughout the training cycle with Yoga Fire’s all-inclusive yoga programme. Designed exclusively for high-performance sporting professionals, you’ll find all that is needed to assist with injury prevention, performance enhancement and recovery.

Prevent Injury

Yoga for athletes helps prevent soft tissue injuries, stimulating connective tissue and restoring motion or promoting alignment and flexibility. Develop and engage muscles deeply in ways that don’t stress joints or lead to injuries.

Performance Enhancement

Hit the areas needed to amp and articulate your performance and stay at the top of the game. Strengthen the connection between breath and movement to increase energy, improve motion and achieve sporting success. Yoga for athletes will guide you there.


Rejuvenate and recover

Develop flexibility and release tension through restorative yoga classes to free up and release stress from your body. Complement rigorous training schedules with a slower-paced yoga for athletes practice.

Prepare body and mind

Build strength and resilience in the body and learn how to develop skills to be present, improve focus and overcome adversity.

Pregame Mobility

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

Level 1, 25 Minute

Mobility and Peak Performance

Level 2, 30 Minute

Fired up and Ready to Win

Level 3, 30 Minute

Mobility leads to Success

Level 3, 30 Minute


Restore and Renew

Restore and Renew

Level 1, 30 Minute

Release and Unwind

Level 1, 30 Minute

Taking it Easy

Level 1, 30 Minute


Prepare Today to Win Tomorrow

Level 1, 45 Minute

The Keys to Success

Level 2, 30 Minute

Sweat, Power, Challenge

Level 3, 60 Minute

Mental Skills – Mindfulness

Creating a Competitive Edge

Level 1, 15 Minutes

Visualization to Find Success

Level 1, 15 Minutes

Find your Zen with Breath

Level 1, 15 Minutes

“I love the convenience of yogafire.tv, when I need it, it’s there. And the way it makes me more aware of my muscles groups I don’t target or muscles I compensate with.”

Erena Mikaere – Northern Mystics, Silver Fern, Netballer