Lessons from throughout my yoga journey. Breathing techniques, strategies for living with less stress in your life, advice on finding the right yoga style for you a lots more. I hope you enjoy.

Yogafire Origins – Part 5 – The Immigration Quagmire

The last time I wrote about my story, we were ready to go on a firefighter exchange to New Zealand.  We would take anywhere in the country but hoped for Whangarei, as we had been here before, and we had friends living there. As 2010 ended and 2011 started, I was...

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Yogafire Origins – Part 4 – The Odyssey Begins

In my last message, I told you about how I started doing yoga at my fire station in Canada and how different firefighters I worked with tried it out with me. This next chapter in my story is how the process of getting to New Zealand started, and how our lives changed...

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Yogafire Origins – Part 3 – Firefighters Doing Yoga

To fit yoga more into my life, I started to do yoga at the fire station. Since I had no idea what I was doing, I bought a yoga DVD into the station and started doing that on shift. I had a pretty cool crew of firefighters at the station with me, so a few of them began...

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