Enigmatic Poses: Parighasana

Focus: Groin, Hip-opening, Hips, Ribs, shoulders, Strength

In the class, we do a series of poses that prepare the body for Parighasana (Gatekeeper pose).  This pose isn’t a typical pose you see in classes because it has a variety of levels and almost an unknown quality about what you’re actually achieving with the posture.  There is a lot of expansion through the ribs in Parighasana so we use postures that prepare the body for this expansion. This asana lightens and energizes the side of the body and allows the breath to become three-dimensional.  Through regular practice, this pose can move from an enigma to an appreciation of how it impacts the body. Don’t force an outcome, just be on the path, practice regularly, and eventually clarity emerges.

Level 2 , 60 Minute