Invigorating Practice to Inspire Change

Focus: Hip-opening, Strength, Twists

This class is about creating some heat and vigour but without making it too much challenging.  Class starts slowly with some spinal movements to warm up the body and then progresses to some Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) to get the body moving and synchronizing the breath to the movements.  We add some dynamic movements to the postures to add the vigour to the postures. There is no need to rush the postures, but we move with purpose. If you only have a short time to practice, then this class may be a good option with a lot of movement in a short amount of time.  As class winds down, we explore some hip-opening and spinal twists to slow down and expand. The result being a body that is ready to take on the day and a mind clear to tackle the day and succeed.

Level 2 , 30 Minute