Let’s Twist Again

Focus: Arm balances, Strength, Twists

“Come on let’s twist again, like we did last summer”, this class supposed to be as light-hearted, and fun, as the famous Chubby Checker song.  The class starts with twists to get the body moving and grooving so that the spine and body are ready. We explore variations of postures that expand the side body and revolve the spine.  As with the theme of the class, we add some twisting variations and some more sophisticated arm balances for an element of challenge. Remember, it’s a journey on our mats, so don’t rush trying to make postures happen before the body is ready.  Regular, consistent practice will give you the results for mind, body, and mind. Class winds up with some reclined twisting postures to prepare us for calming relaxation and balance throughout the mind, body, and breath.

Level 2 , 60 Minute