Slow Motion Stretch

Focus: Groin, Hamstrings, Hip-flexor, Hip-opening, Hips, IT Bands, Quads

In this class, we explore ways to expand the body with slow movements.  In essence, we are fusing a yin style of class with Hatha yoga to get the restorative action a yin practice gives us with some slow movements to help those who need a bit of movement to feel a release in the postures.  We will start with some variations of Supta Padangusthasana (Reclined Leg Pose) to access the groin, IT-bands, hamstrings. We do a slow flow of postures that help open the hips, lengthen the legs, and link the body and mind with the breath.  Use this practice when you’re looking for a little reset and movement to help renew the body.

Level 1 , 30 Minute