The Keys to Success

Focus: Spinal mobility, IT Bands, Hip mobility, Quads, Groins

Being an athlete takes focus and dedication and doing the little things to get ahead of the competition.  This yoga class is something you can do when you have a rest day and you want to be active but give the body and the mind a little break.  The yoga postures in this practice can be done by all levels and they are meant to keep the body resilient and supple, so you can perform when you’re back at it.  Adequate rest and restoration are imperative for keeping the body and mind healthy so use this practice to help keep the body resilient.  In this session, there will gentle flow to release the body through forward folds, twists, and hip-openers.  In the end, we rest and relax and let the mind clear so that you leave refreshed and you can enjoy the rest of your off day with a spring in your step, ready to get back into your training.

Level 2 , 30 Minute