Working Deep to Overcome Obstacles

Focus: Hip-flexor, Hip-opening, Hips, Quads

Even though yin classes are designed to be gentle on the body, there can be some uncomfortable or sticky parts you may need to work through.  The connective tissues in our lower body joints often can feel challenged when holding yin postures for a longer period of time. If we remember that we don’t need to focus on range of motion, but, be in the present and feel the body, we can achieve many of the aims of the yin practice and this class in particular.  Postures will focus on opening the hips, knees and pelvis in ways that can lead from feelings of discomfort into a feeling a peace and relaxation. Always go slow, take your time and be in the present and your yin practice will always be there to nurture and restore your body.  

Level 1 , 30 Minute