Core Strength and Yoga

Core Strength and Yoga Can Enhance Your Life


The relation between core strength and yoga will be evident once you have done one of my sessions. I have different online yoga sessions for different purposes and lifestyles, and I want you also to experience the transformation that yoga can bring.

Yoga For Cancer Patients - Yogafire.tv
Yoga For Cancer - Yogafire.tv

The Importance of a Core Strength Yoga Workout

Your core muscles are at the centre of your body, and neglecting them can lead to many other pains, strains and health problems. If your core is stable and strong, the rest of your muscles don’t have to compensate for them.

  • Support: The group of muscles at your core all work together to support your spine and your pelvis, if they slack or aren’t exercised and flexed sufficiently, your posture will suffer, and with that, you will develop new ailments.
  • Process: My core strength revolution programme is a process that your body will work through. This is core strength yoga for beginners, where we start with a few basic core strengthening exercises, and as your body becomes stronger and adapts, we will increase the challenge.
  • Risk of injury. No matter your fitness level, if your core balance is off, your body and limbs are not aligned, you will develop back pain and can injure your spine. Even the most mundane daily activities can become so much easier to do if you have a strong core.

The beauty of yoga is that it is for everyone of any fitness level. Improve your general wellbeing, mood and motivation with core strength yoga exercises or reach your athletic performance goals by strengthening your core.

Related Services I Provide to Core Strengthening Yoga Beginner Classes

Depending on your goals and what you wish to gain from yoga, I offer classes for strength and flexibility, restoring your mind and body balance, and hip-opening, among others. I have video classes for core strength yoga for beginners, intermediate and advanced yoga levels.

  • Yoga for cancer: When diagnosed with cancer, you will most likely go through a process where your body, stress levels and appearance may change. Yoga helps with emotional and physical wellbeing and to keep you motivated, calm, and at your best, regardless of the journey, you have to travel to get better.
  • First-response: As a fireman, I know the effects of PTSD and the toll an emergency rescue can take on your mental and physical health. This programme includes meditation as well as strength-building poses to keep you at your best to serve those who need you.
  • Yoga for athletes: As you already get much physical exercise and you often push your body to its limit; this programme focuses on stretching your muscles and getting your circulation going to help you to recover faster and to keep you mentally motivated when your body needs the boost.

I want to share the transformation that yoga can bring to your life, as it saved me during a tough time in my life and it gave me back the motivation, will for living and helping others, that I thought I had lost.

About Yoga Fire

Let me take you on a yoga journey that will bring you the benefits of spirit, mind and body connection. You will not only feel the effects in your physical form, but you will experience inner peace and calm when dealing with daily life situations. Contact me if you want to know more about what yoga can do for you.