Lessons from throughout my yoga journey. Breathing techniques, strategies for living with less stress in your life, advice on finding the right yoga style for you a lots more. I hope you enjoy.

Holiday Yoga – Make the Most of Your Summer Break

Christmas Holidays are upon us and what an amazing time to enjoy sun, beach, family, opening presents and unplugging from the world. The lead up to the end of the year can feel like a stressful time so for many of us, the break is quite welcome.  So how do we maximize...

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Combine Yoga & Meditation to Reduce Stress

Are you stressed? If so, you’re not alone, there are many out there who find the end of the year stressful. In 2014, the American Psychological Association published the top causes of stress and they are, in order: job pressure, money, health, relationships, poor...

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Hey Bro – Yoga is for Men too!

Hey Bro, are you still avoiding yoga? I’ve been a firefighter since 2002, and I've been doing yoga since 2008. Through this time, I have heard every condescending or negative thing men can say about yoga. I’m going to tell you that you are missing out on a practice...

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Simple techniques to help you recharge your batteries

Feeling like life is going too fast and it needs to slow down?  What about feelings of stress and finding time to take for yourself?  These can be hard things to deal with and we all face times where life can feel overwhelming.  It is okay to have bad days and want to...

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Strategies to help you fit everything into a busy life

How can we make a fitness goal, eat healthily, be happy, practice mindfulness, and be everywhere and everything to the people we love?  It’s hard enough doing this for ourselves but what about the children? The hours spent on the children with their homework, the...

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What kind of yoga practice do I need for my lifestyle

Do you cross-fit, run, or do triathlons?  Or, perhaps you’re in the office, out of the office or stuck in the car driving your kids to different activities.  Life is busy and as it progresses, without a regular stretching and movement program, we lose flexibility...

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