Yoga for Athletes Training

Our Yoga for Athletes Training Videos for Anytime Usage are Created in New Zealand


Yoga for Athletes Training is advantageous to your body and mind. Use yoga practice to overcome obstacles, persevere, build inner strength, and develop resilience. Try the free classes I offer.

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Yoga For Cancer - Yogafire.tv

The Benefits of Yoga for Athletes, Runners and Bikers

Use Yoga Fire’s all-encompassing programme and improve your instrument, on- and off-season and all through the training phase. I’ve designed this series specifically for high-performance professional athletes to both prevent and recover from injuries and heighten performance.

  • Yoga for sporting professionals counteracts soft tissue injuries, fuels connective tissue, repairs, upgrades, and extends motion, and encourages flexibility and alignment. It promotes your in-depth muscle development and engagement without putting stress on your joints or causing injuries.
  • Yoga for college athletes engages the areas necessary to articulate and amplify your performance so you can stay on top of your game and accomplish your goals. It aids in increasing your energy and enhances execution.
  • Curative yoga classes help to release tension and stress and free up your body, making slow-paced yoga for athletes and beginners a useful supplement to arduous training schedules by giving your body and mind the opportunity to recover and rejuvenate.
  • I’ve developed programmes that will prepare your psyche and physique, teach you skills to remain present in the moment, increase your focus, and conquer adversity through building physical power and resilience.

Find out how yoga helps athletic performance through mindfulness, mental clarity and strength. Facilitate your full range of motion while engaging all parts of your body by stretching and lengthening it. Unlock your highest potential via belief in your true self and realising your authentic purpose.

What You Should Know About Yoga for Athletes with Lower Back Pain

More than 80 percent of New Zealanders will experience back pain at some point, and it’s one of the main reasons why people see their doctor. According to the Boston Medical Centre, a specifically designed yoga class can ease the pain as effectively and safely as physical therapy.

  • Finding a holistic approach that adds yoga to medical treatment can provide relief. Regular practice brings healing over time, but you need to start slowly if you’re dealing with pain stemming from an injury. I can assist you with gentle postures that release the body to restore your spine to health.
  • Yin yoga is a slower-paced, relaxing practice that stimulates and lengthens the deep connective tissues because the passive stretches are held for a long time. Yin yoga advances flexibility, reconditions joint range of motion and promotes a light, free, and peaceful state of mind as you gradually let go of stress and muscle tension.
  • Yin yoga for CrossFit athletes is advantageous for sportspersons who need to give their muscles a rest and allow enough time for their bodies to heal. The sphinx pose, for instance, frees the spine, soothes sciatica, opens the shoulders, chest, and lungs, and raises your energy to benefit your body, mind, and spirit.

I will assist in your improvement because my treatments have been tried and tested at The Loft Studio in Northland, and I am both the owner and online video instructor who will make sure that you get the value and quality you deserve.

Why You Should Use Yoga Fire

You can log into a relaxed, calm, and friendly online environment and do your class at any time and from anywhere. The sessions are affordable, and there are no hidden fees or contracts to sign. I teach diverse yoga styles so you can try different options and pick what suits you best. Contact us to start your 14-day free trial.